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  1. “Can you stop using your powers?” she asked.
    “I’m not doing anything.”
    “You know what this means,” she whispered. “They’re out of control.”
    I swallowed, glaring daggers at my subtle hands, which kept fading in and out. My body flickered in and out of form, my feet gone one second and there the next.
    “How…?” I breathed, glancing up at Alysia again. Her forehead creased with worry, her brows knitting together tightly.
    “What did you do? You must have done something to make it act this way.” She circled me, touching my flickering skin and clothes, and observing the way my feet levitated two inches of the ground, then dropped down again every few seconds.
    “I don’t remember doing anything!” I promised, twisting a fading strand of raven black hair between my fingertips. “I’ve done nothing different the past few days–besides posing as your little puppet,” I added with a sneer.
    “You’re not a puppet.” Her voice was firm, although I couldn’t see her. She stood behind me now, and I felt her cold fingers brush against my neck as she touched my necklace chain.
    “Hm,” I snorted.
    Then, in one quick, sudden motion, she tore off my emerald necklace with a reckless yank, jerking my head backwards. The chain snapped.
    Then the alarms began to go off.

    Great prompt. Not sure where this came from, LOL!

  2. Hey Josie! It’s actually your turn to do WordCrafters now, because Mallory and AGdollsandfun aren’t able to do it. You get to finish it!! I can’t wait to read it!

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