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  1. The Matchmaker

    “It seemed like a good idea yesterday!” I shouted at my dad.
    “Well, it wasn’t a good idea!” Dad yelled back.
    “You’re thirteen years old, Shirley, when will you learn?”
    “I’m sorry, Dad! Okay? I just….” I didn’t know what to say, so I just turned and stormed out of the room.
    The day before dad had said that he wished that we had enough money so that I could go to a Christian school.
    So, I had run away and went to find a job so that I could go to a Christian school.
    But dad knew me, and had found me immediately, over at my best friend Nancy’s house.
    I had tried to explain, but ever since Mom had died Dad just didn’t understand me.
    I had to face the truth, Dad just wasn’t right in the head without a wife.
    I neede to find him a girl.


  2. It seemed like a good idea yesterday. Taking the bikes out to the beach, laughing as the waves roared like lions. Listening to the quiet that quickly followed, and then that subsequent crash that overpowered our voices. Holding onto one another and thinking about the present, not the future, never the future. Why should it mean anything to us when it was already coming full speed ahead? We couldn’t control it, it only controlled us. Why couldn’t time slow to a heartbeat.


    It was what I prayed to hear as I looked at her, her eyes closed, her mouth partly opened.


    My hand gripped hers, but it wasn’t the reason why her skin was shockingly white.
    “Please,” I thought. I didn’t speak, I couldn’t find any words to utter, it wasn’t worth the breath she was struggling to get.

    /We couldn’t control it/

    The waves are like hungry hunters. They don’t actually intend to prey on you, of course, but if you happen to be in that right position, at the right time of day, where it was so easy to pull you with them, then yes: they were hunters. She wasn’t looking as she jogged backwards, skipping around in the shallow foam. I wasn’t looking as I pranced on my toes, dodging the shells poking out of the solid sand.

    “You can’t catch me, Thomas,” she yelled, her laughter dissolving into the air. The waves were too loud to discern anything. It didn’t matter. It didn’t seem to have to matter.

    “That’s what you think!” I called back jovially.

    I intended to grab at her waist and swing her over my shoulder, but apparently a competition had come into existence at that very moment. The waves grabbed her first.

    I didn’t see the majestic tower of blue rising up from behind her.

    It was like a vacuum, an extreme sucking that pulled her so fast I didn’t have time to blink. Shoved under, I saw the blonde hair get thrashed about as she was thrown lifelessly like a doll.

    I called her name, but it was only snatched by the rough winds.

    I didn’t hear the screams, the running of people–my frantic movements must have called others over. I didn’t really see the team of paramedics rush past me as they searched for her, I didn’t see the helicopter above, I didn’t see the anything but her face at that moment.

    Eyes wide open, grin in full, laughter sparking from her lungs.

    And now.
    Now it was the exact opposite. Eyes shut, no expression, no air in the lungs.


  3. I gripped the metal bars tightly, trying not to look down at the dizzying 100 foot drop below my feet. I looked up to see Jacob standing on the edge of the cliff, peering down at me as I clung to the ladder in terror.
    He grinned sheepishly. “Well, it seemed like a good idea yesterday! A simple plan: climb down, get the box, climb up.”
    I scowled and shouted up at him. “It’s a terrible idea!” Jacob sighed. “Okay, okay!” Slowly, he inched down the ladder to rescue me.
    What’cha think? 😛

    -Clara <3

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