Writing Prompt #8.5

So apparently like 3000 people have saved my writing prompts on Pinterest which is exciting so here’s another one!

If this inspires you to write, share your story with me in the comments below! I really do love reading them.

(In case the image isn’t showing up, etc.: The Mona Lisa’s smile is the start of a secret code hundreds of years old. You are one of the only two people that know this.)

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  1. Oops, I finished writing this on the nineteenth of February but never commented it. XD

    “The Sheffield Code?” I repeated. It had been years since I deciphered that incredibly complex, secretive code.
    “Yeah, the almost extinct one that starts with the Mona Lisa’s smile. Think you can explain it?” Brian Gordon, the director of the spy agency I worked for, asked me.
    I broke eye contact, shaking my head and staring off into the distance. The smile of the Mona Lisa was just the beginning of it. “No,” I answered. “It’s impossible to explain and better left understood by those who know it.”
    Brian nodded slowly as I turned back to face him. “There is only one other agent that understands TSC. I’ll give him a call and you two will start the mission as soon as he gets here.”
    I furrowed my eyebrows. I didn’t know there was anyone else who understood The Sheffield Code. “Another agent? Who?”
    “Jase Wilson,” Brian replied.
    My heart stopped as my blood chilled. Shaming experience after shaming experience flashed through my mind. Jase? Jase Wilson? I hoped I wasn’t turning pale as I shook my head. “Oh, no. That’s a nightmare waiting to happen. Please don’t -”
    Brian raised an eyebrow. “Ida, he is the only other agent who understands the code. We’ve got a real nightmare on our hands if you two don’t work together.”
    “Jase and I don’t work together!” I sputtered. “We never have and we never will!”
    “Well, you will for this mission,” Brian decided.
    I bored my eyes into his, squaring my shoulders and setting my jaw determinedly. “Sir, I am not working side by side with that man.”
    “You won’t be,” Brian turned away from me as he pulled out his phone to call Jase. “He’s in charge.”

    HAHA. I’m imagining Ida’s face. XDD


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