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  1. Ooh! I like it! I might try to write something with it!:) I love your prompts!

  2. I was wanting to write a short story today but just didn’t know what… and then I remembered you had really awesome writing prompts! I wrote this today, planning to make it 1k, but it ended up only being 500-something. I don’t know where I was going with it. XD

    “Are you here to ‘save’ us?” I asked with a sneer once I had hit the answer button on my hologram’s screen.
    “I… I don’t know,” he shook his head at the security camera outside the door. “I guess I’m supposed to turn you in.”
    I let out a bitter, hollow laugh. “You? Forget it. I’ll give you about ten seconds to get your carcass out of here before I send security out and you’re finished.”
    I ended the call and then turned to my two accomplices, the blood draining from my face aflame with fear. “He’s here,” I whispered, my voice quivering with fright. “We have to go.”
    “Where?” Cyndi asked, her eyes searching mine in terror. “If he’s really here, he’s not alone.”
    “I don’t know,” I swallowed, turning around and opening the bottom drawer of the headquarters’ dashboard. Curling my fingers around the pistol and then handing it to my second accomplice, I muttered, “Here, Phoebe. Take this.”
    “Aidyn -” Phoebe tried to argue, but I cut her off as I stood up straight, handing Cyndi another pistol and tucking mine into my holster.
    “We’ve got to move now.”
    Without a word, Cyndi and Phoebe followed me as I dashed out the door and closed it behind me, pulling a light blue key out of the pocket of my black skinny jeans and jabbing it into the lock. After bolting the door shut, I turned and led the way down the dim hall and to the last door.
    “Go west,” I whispered to Cyndi, breaking the sterling silver chain around my neck and pressing the sapphire pendant necklace into her hands. She nodded as I turned to Phoebe and handed her the metallic blue key. “Go east. You know what’s going to happen if this ends up in Noah’s hands.”
    “I know,” Phoebe whispered back as I opened the door.
    “I’m going north,” I murmured as I daggered my eyes straight ahead into the starry night. “Let no one know.”
    With that, we all split up into our different directions. I sprinted as fast as my legs could carry me for the forest straight ahead as I lifted my wrist with my communication watch to my lips. “Jase,” I panted. “Jase, do you copy?
    When there was no answer on the other end, I slowed to a stop, beginning to pant. I tried again, pressing the button and lifting the watch up. “Jase, are you there?”
    My pounding heart began to beat even faster as my eyes widened. Trying one last time, I nearly yelled into my watch, “Jase! Are you there?”
    My face turned pale as I lowered my wrist and swallowed, trying to think of what to do next. If Jase wasn’t at the location, something was wrong. Had Noah’s team found the place? How was that even possible?
    At the sickening sound of a gun being drawn and clicked off safety behind me, I froze in terror. “Don’t make a move. I’m here to ‘save’ you.”
    I clenched my jaw in burning anger. [em]Noah[/em].

    Aaaaaaaand that’s about it. XD


    1. Woah! Awesome. Full of spy-y stuff. #cliffhangersforthewin. Thank you! You are doing SO awesome with your 50k thing. I haven’t been in the mood for writing “normal” stuff recently, more poetry, scripts, etc… I have a new writing prompt in the works. Something along the lines of “How could you set off the bombs, give away our location, and bankrupt New York when I told you specifically not to do that?!” “How could I not?”

      1. Thanks so much! #ohyes You’re welcome! And thank you soo much! Ooh, I haven’t written poetry in forever (although I’ll burst out in a spontaneous ditty version, but the ears around me don’t like that very much.)! I’ll have to try it again sometime! And oooh. That new writing prompt sounds AWESOME. XD

        1. Haha, I feel you. Poetry can actually be a great way to relax and let out your feelings. All my poetry is basically my feelings spilled out and encrypted.
          Thanks! I’ll probably read more of your novel tomorrow (I’ve been in a beta/reading slump) because NINJAS.

          1. Man, I just wrote the worst poetry of my life. I read it and then busted out laughing, read it to my brother, and we both busted out laughing. It ended up being a series of limericks that didn’t make an ounce of sense. XD
            Ooh, yay! šŸ˜€ YES NINJAS. šŸ˜„

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