Writing Prompt #9

Happy Camp! How are your projects going? I ask as I type this post up March 23. I have a fun writing prompt for you! If your project is writing short stories, your novel needs a twist, or you’re not doing NaNo and need something to do while everyone else is gone from the blogging world, this is for you! (Shout out to my marathoning cabin mates!)

So, now, I have some challenges for you!

Challenge #1: Write three short stories, one with the prompt as the start of the story, one with the prompt as the middle, and one with the prompt as/near the ending.

Challenge #2: All three of these events happened at an epic slumber party. 

Challenge #3: For all of you writing novels, list the three worst things that a main/side character could do within the next couple chapters. Tweak the first character’s dialogue in the prompt to replace the bombs, tweeting, and secrets with those events so you can make every. single. one. of them happen.

After that, comment and tell me how it goes! You have no idea how much I love reading your stories. (Hopefully this all made sense.)

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